The blank page 

Even writing quick and dirty still leaves one facing each day that ultimate horror, the blank page. So here’s a trick I worked out whilst writing my thesis (on inter-professional learning on the labour ward; interesting but irrelevant for present purpose).

Forget natural breaks, chapter endings, final farewells; either stop short – or carry on. If you choose the latter (which I found to be without doubt the best option), you need only write a snatch of dialogue or an opening sentence; just enough to start the flow so that when you sharpen your pencil or position your cursor next time your fingers have added that witty rejoinder or killer adjective before your brain has had chance to realise what is happening and go into lockdown. And then you’re away.

In theory.

About Hannah

Author of literary historical fiction set in the First World War. Revising my first book, writing the next, seeking representation. Mountaineer, gardener, traveller, off-road runner. Africa, modern history, coffee, roses, films, book and unrealistic romance. NHS midwife in a former life.
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