Hilary Mantel on the “deception” of empowering female characters in history

In an article previewing her BBC Reith Lectures, Hilary Mantel says that women writers of historical fiction “can’t resist retrospectively empowering” women who lived in the past – women who, in reality, were more likely to be “victims” than the “strong and independent” characters required by modern readers.

Ms Mantel advises writers to “be careful when we speak for others” and stop being “squeamish” about the “difference between the role of men and women in certain historical periods”.

“A good novelist will have her characters operate within the ethical framework of their day – even if it shocks her readers.”

The readers’ comments that follow this short piece give a foretaste of the lively debate to come.

The first of Ms Mantel’s five Reith Lectures will be broadcast on Radio 4 on June 13.

Source: Hilary Mantel: Women writers must stop falsely empowering female characters in history

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