Previous life

Until Spring of 2017 I was a practising midwife with 30-odd years experience in the UK and overseas. My professional passions were (and still are) maternity care in low-resource countries, engagement with women and other service users, and error mitigation and inter-professional teams.

My two most recent jobs were in practice development and professional regulation. I continue to do occasional voluntary work with the Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health (part of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) training maternity care staff in East and West Africa.

Over the years I have written or contributed chapters to a number of books on pregnancy and childbirth, mostly for the NCT. I have also edited several professional journals, notably MIDIRS Midwifery Digest (late 1980s) and RCOG International News (2015/16). 

In recent years I blogged intermittently as Grumpy Midwife: tagline “Random personal musings on NHS maternity care”. This blog is now dormant but if you are interested you may still find it at