This blog – along with my Twitter feed, see right – is a contemporaneous record of my journey as a writer of historical fiction: experiences (good and not-so-good), thoughts and feelings, and resources and writing tips which I find particularly useful along the way.

I also sometimes use this blog to work through difficulties in my own work – because I seem to think through my fingers and often find solutions worming their way to the surface as I write. Very weird.

I will always try and be honest in recording my mistakes and emotions – and will resist deleting earlier posts however embarrassing they may become with the benefit of hindsight 🙂

If you would like to know more about me and my writing, please click on How I got this far and My book(s). Otherwise look to the side panel and choose a post to read. Comments are always welcome – but please be gentle. We writers are a lonely and fragile breed.

Thank you for your interest.